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Get Sky Superfast Fibre from £27 per month

  • Average superfast download speeds of 61Mbps
  • Enjoy unlimited monthly usage with all subscriptions
  • Enhance your service with Sky Broadband Boost
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Experience a high-quality connection with Sky Broadband Superfast

Sky’s fibre-optic broadband subscriptions offer lightning-fast download speeds and a smooth, stable service. Everything is competitively priced and you can create the ultimate home subscription by also taking Sky Stream.  

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Sky Fibre Broadband

*Please note that Sky Fibre Max and Sky Fibre Unlimited no longer exist. Instead, Sky now offers Sky Broadband Superfast and Sky Broadband Ultrafast subscriptions. 

Along with its unbeatable TV service, Sky customers can take advantage of some fantastically fast, reliable fibre broadband services. All of these come with completely unlimited download speeds and Sky’s Speed Guarantee so you’ll be able to experience the speeds you pay for. 

Slick, superfast speeds

Sky Broadband Superfast is able to match the old average Sky Fibre Max speed of 59Mbps. As a general guide, this should be enough to comfortably support a family of four who enjoy HD video streaming, online gaming and downloading content on their individual devices. 

You’ll also receive an average upload speed of 16Mbps which is great for those who enjoy posting lots of photos to social media. 

Sky Broadband Ultrafast - x12 times faster than Sky's standard broadband

Sky’s premium fibre product is Sky Broadband Ultrafast which is perfectly suited to busier households where everybody is likely to be online simultaneously. 

An impressive average download speed of 145Mbps means that everything from glossy 4K streaming and working from home, to downloading large updates for the latest video game and using connected smart home devices feels absolutely seamless. 

Its average upload speed of 27Mbps allows for smooth livestreaming on sites like Twitch and holding large video calls with family and friends. 

Get more out of your connection with the Sky Broadband Boost

Customers can make their Sky fibre optic service even better by purchasing the Sky Broadband Boost add on. 

You’ll conveniently be able to book free engineer visits at evenings and weekends and Sky will run daily checks on your service to ensure it’s working properly. If they find a fault, they’ll quickly message to let you know the issue is being sorted. 

The free Broadband Buddy app is also included which helps you manage your children's screen time along with the Wifi Guarantee. If you’re unable to achieve a speed of 3Mbps in every room of your house, Sky will refund you the cost of your Broadband Boost.

Can I get Sky Fibre?

The Sky broadband fibre services are delivered to your home over BT’s Openreach network. Sky Broadband Superfast uses Openreach’s FTTC or fibre-to-the-cabinet infrastructure, which consists of both the old style copper cables and next generation fibre optic ones, and is available to over 90% of the UK. 

Sky Broadband Ultrafast is currently only available to 18.5% of UK homes. This uses Openreach FTTP fibre-to-the-premise network which from the exchange to the green street cabinet to your home is made up entirely of fibre optic cabling. They’re capable of transferring larger amounts of data and so can offer significantly faster speeds. 

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