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3 Mobile Broadband Deals

  • Unlimited data packages as standard 
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Various contract lengths available

Fast mobile broadband deals from Three

The home broadband options available with 3 are a fantastic alternative to those who have a great 4G signal but struggle on a traditional broadband connection. 




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3 Mobile Broadband | Our Review

Three is a brand far more associated with mobile phones than it is with broadband, so let's see how it shapes up against the bigger names, such as BT and Sky, in the world of home networks. 

What network does 3 Broadband use? 

Three Broadband uses the EE network to bring mobile internet into your home as your main source of broadband. While other providers such as Sky, TalkTalk, BT and Plusnet all use the Openreach network to bring WiFi into your home, Three Broadband uses the same cellular network it uses with its phones. 

The 4G network is available to 99.8% of the UK’s population, so it is a great alternative for people who struggle to get decent broadband speeds through conventional methods, such as Openreach’s ADSL network, or Virgin’s coax cable network. 

How fast is 3 Home Broadband? 

With your standard ADSL Openreach network connection, the speed you get depends on how close you are to the green cabinet your copper phone wires are served from; the further away you are, the worse your download and upload speeds will be in your home. 

The speed you’ll receive from one of Three’s hubs will depend on the speed of 4G in your area. If you have a much faster 4G speed than you do broadband speed, a 4G hub might be exactly what you’re looking for. In order to test your 4G speed in the area you are living in, do a speed test using a search browser while using 4G on your mobile phone. 

What are 3 Home Broadband options?

Three has two types of hub, the 4G Broadband Hub and the 4G Plus Hub, with the main difference being the latter provides a faster and smoother connection than regular 4G. 

4G Broadband Hub deals:

  1. Unlimited data - £10 a month for six months (£20 thereafter) - 24-month plan
  2. Unlimited data - £25 a month - 12-month plan
  3. Unlimited data - £30 a month - monthly plan

All packages require no engineer to help you install your router nor an upfront cost, and all three come with a 14-day money back guarantee.

4G Plus Hub deals:

  • Unlimited data - £10 a month for six months (£20 thereafter) - 24-month plan
  • Unlimited data - £25 a month - 12-month plan

All the information of the 4G Broadband Hub deals remain relevant, but it is worth noting the 4G Plus Hub is designed for heavier streaming and several more users.

3 Broadband 5G hubs

For the lucky few in the UK who have good access to 5G, Three has a specially designed 5G router for you. 

With much faster speeds, 5G is superior to the 4G connectivity options, and from starting at just £11 a month it’s a great steal for users who have access to the world’s fastest cellular network. 

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