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This guide offers you a detailed list of FAQs around Sky phone numbers. There are various Sky numbers available, so we have tried to assemble a list of the ones we believe are the best for each type of query.

As a trusted seller of Sky services, we are a great resource if you want to talk about Sky Broadband and TV. We have all the information you need to compare the prices, and can get it all set up for you, just as if you were talking to Sky directly.

We keep queue times to a minimum thanks to large call centres with expert Sky teams, and when you phone you’ll only have to press a couple of options before you’re put through. This is why we’re including our number for Sky in our detailed Sky phone number directory.

What is the best phone number for Sky Fibre broadband?

You can get through quickly to talk about Sky fibre broadband packages by calling 0330 221 9430. Press option 1 then option 2 to speak to the Sky team.

What is the number to call for Sky Broadband and Fibre upgrades?

Sky often has very good deals on upgrading Sky Broadband and Sky Fibre. Call 0330 221 9430 to see what’s on offer at the moment.

The team there will be able to see what speeds you can get, if you’re thinking of upgrading your actual broadband service.

They can also take you through TV deals, if you’re considering adding Sky TV to your Sky Broadband service,

What is the best phone number for Sky Broadband customer services?

If you need to speak to customer services regarding your Sky Broadband subscription then we recommend you call 0333 759 0511. This is a direct number, but you will have to work through the automated system. You’ll be asked various questions, and every attempt will be made to handle your broadband query or issue without having to speak to a person.

If this is not possible then you’ll be transferred to one of Sky’s call centres. From there, an expert will access your account and do their best to assist you with your broadband query.

What is the best phone number for Sky Broadband technical support?

If you call Sky for broadband technical support, the automated system will attempt to handle your query. The Sky Broadband technical support number is 0333 759 0511, which is the same as the customer service number.

Should it not be possible to handle your broadband technical support issue, you will be transferred to a Sky representative.

What is the Sky internet contact number?

If you’re interested in getting Sky internet, also known as Sky broadband, in your home, then give the team a call on 0330 221 9430. Queue times are generally very short, and it’s easy to get through.

What is the Sky VIP contact number?

You can talk to someone about the Sky VIP loyalty programme by calling 0333 759 0511. Sky VIP is a great way to get more value out of your Sky service, with free gifts, free trials and VIP lounges among the various benefits you receive.

How do I actually speak to someone at Sky?

Call 0330 221 9430 if you want to talk about Sky Broadband or TV packages. Press 1 then 2 if you’re new to Sky, or 2 then 2 if already a customer. Call 0333 759 0511 if you require Sky customer services. You can also dial 150 from Sky Mobile or Sky landline for customer services.

Please note that the customer service number is notoriously tricky if you want to speak to a real person at Sky. You’ll get through quicker if you tell the automated system that you have “a billing enquiry”. Then, when it asks for the nature of your call and gives you options, say “something else”.

What is the best number to call if I’m interested in Sky Business Broadband?

To talk to an expert about Sky Business Broadband, call 0333 043 2394. This team is able to take you through all the prices for Sky Business Broadband packages, and get it all set up for you.

What is the best Sky number if I’m thinking about buying Sky TV and Broadband?

To discuss Sky TV and Broadband packages, call the Sky team on 0330 221 9430. If you're new then press 1, then press 2. If you’re an existing customer press 2, then press 2 again.

What is the best Sky number if I’m thinking of upgrading Sky TV and Broadband?

To upgrade your Sky TV or Sky Broadband, call 0330 221 9430. Press 2 and then press 2 again and you’ll be on your way to a Sky expert.

What about the best Sky number for downgrading or cancelling my Sky Broadband subscription?

To downgrade or cancel Sky Broadband, call the main customer service line on 0333 759 0511. You’ll have to answer various questions before getting through, and if you’re still in contract then the automated system will let you know.

How do I call Sky general customer services?

The general customer services number for Sky is 0333 759 0511. However, if you want to purchase or upgrade Sky Broadband or TV then call 0330 221 9430 - it’s quicker.

Is there a free number for Sky Broadband?

You can call Sky for free by dialling 150 from Sky Mobile or Sky landline. You can also call 0330 221 9430 for free if you have inclusive minutes left on your phone or landline, and want to get Sky. The same applies to 0333 759 0511, which is the Sky general customer service number.

What Sky number do I call to get a better deal as an existing broadband customer?

Existing Sky Broadband customers can call 0330 221 9430 to talk about Sky upgrade deals.

Is it free to call Sky 0333 customer service numbers?

If you’re calling from a Sky Mobile or Sky landline then every call to Sky customer services is free. You can either dial 150 or use the 0333 number and it will be free.

Can I cancel Sky without phoning up?

You do really need to speak to Sky to cancel. There isn’t an online option to do this, and they will need to speak to the account holder as well.

Which Sky number should I use to discuss my latest bill?

To talk about something on your current Sky bill, call 0333 759 0511. This is a general Sky contact number, but if you want to talk about potentially upgrading your package then call 0330 221 9430.

Do Sky phone numbers go to different call centres?

Yes. Sky has a number of call centres in the UK, so you could be transferred to any of them. Sky also has partners who are contracted to sell Sky and handle those calls, so you could be transferred to them, depending on the number you call.

What is the best number for Sky Talk queries?

To discuss Sky Talk packages, call 0330 221 9430. You can talk about getting Sky Talk with Sky Broadband and Sky TV.

How do I speak to someone about Sky Mobile?

To talk about Sky Mobile new contracts, latest prices, SIM only offers and other deals, you can call 0330 123 1785.

What is the best Sky number to talk about Sky Stream?

To talk to an expert about Sky Stream, call 0330 221 9430. Press 1 and then 2, and you’ll be transferred to a Sky agent.

Who do I call to talk about Sky engineer visits?

To discuss a planned engineer visit, or to get one booked in, call the main Sky contact number on 0333 759 0511.

How do I get through quicker on Sky phone numbers?

To get through to someone quickly, call 0330 221 9430. This Sky number is only for those looking to get Sky Broadband or TV, or potentially upgrade an existing package. To talk about customer service queries you need to call 0330 221 9430.

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