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  • Fibre straight to your home & premises
  • Full-fibre options only
  • No price increases
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About Hey! Broadband

Hey! Broadband aims to ensure everyone is covered with fast and reliable WiFi, no matter how small the town or rural the area. They offer fast and reliable full-fibre broadband at a fair price point and an accommodating customer support team to assist you with all your needs, ensuring that your service is always satisfactory!

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Hey! Broadband is a relatively new provider that offers a service they claim to give them the upper hand on their competitors - and they might just be right.

Offering ultrafast and hyperfast broadband that is both reliable and affordable is just the tagline. It’s how they achieve it that makes Hey! Broadband a great provider.

Fast and reliable full-fibre broadband

Hey! Broadband offers nothing but full fibre. Their lowest-speed offering sits at 150Mbps average upload and download speed, which is perfect for almost all households.

Also, you may have noticed it there but they boast symmetrical upload and download speeds - something which not many providers can or do promise, adding even more value to their service.

To achieve these incredible speeds and reliability, Hey! utilises next-generation broadband technology, meaning you are getting the very best that is currently available.

Ultrafast for all

Hey! Broadband aims to bring full-fibre to households in the places that aren’t part of the nationwide FTTP rollout. 

By running their own full-fibre network, they are able to complement the deployment of larger operators by targeting smaller towns, villages and rural areas, providing them with Hey!’s very own full-fibre connection rather than being skipped by the wider rollout.

Currently, Hey! Broadband is available in 30 towns across the nation that are close by to where the main rollout reached but was not included in. They have a further three towns in which their service is coming soon and are collecting interest from another five.

Fair pricing, no surprises

With prices starting from £23 a month, Hey! Broadband are amongst the more affordable providers.

You can choose your contract length, going for a 24-month which offers the cheapest prices, 12-month or 30-day rolling contract, with the latter providing you the chance to cancel whenever you’d like (with 30 days' notice).

Better yet, there are no mid-contract price hikes with the 12 or 24-month options and no hidden costs. You pay nothing for setup, a landline isn’t needed so you won’t have to pay anything there either, and your router, which is worth £150, comes completely free.

Home, work or business

Hey! Broadband has the service for whatever your needs are. If you’re simply looking for broadband at home, they have that.

If you’re someone who works from home and heavily relies on a strong and fast broadband connection, they have two gigabit full-fibre packages to offer.

And if you’re looking for quality broadband for your business, they have a number of package options to choose from for that too.

Smart WiFi add-on

Improve the strength and reach of your broadband throughout the house with the Smart WiFi add-on provided by Hey! Broadband.

For an extra £7 a month* you can get Plum Pods that will extend your connection throughout your home, but better than your standard WiFi extenders off Amazon.

These smart system pods will adjust itself automatically to provide a reliable and uninterrupted connection throughout your home. It also comes with a smart app for your phone that can make them essentially home safety devices, acting as motion sensors and have built-in advanced AI security to keep your network and devices protected.

*£7 a month when signed up for a 24-month contract. On a 12-month contract, it's £10 extra a month plus a £40 upfront charge.

Fantastic customer service

Finally, Hey! Broadband has a brilliant customer service team that always aim to keep their customers happy and connected.

They monitor their network 24/7, keeping a lookout for any issues before they are reported, and they pride themselves on their quick response times to any queries or problems their customers may have.

Hey! Broadband highlights

  • Full-fibre offerings only
  • Fantastic customer service
  • Fair pricing
  • Home, work or business offerings
  • FTTP even in rural areas
  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds
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