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XLN Telecom promotion
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XLN Telecom Deals

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  • Free Router & Installation
  • 24-month contract

Get low-cost business broadband with XLN Telecom

XLN Telecom is a dedicated provider of low-cost business broadband and phone subscriptions. The monthly deals are designed for small businesses, and XLN Telecom often promotes special offers or introductory discounts for new broadband customers.

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XLN Telecom | Our Review 

Since 2002, XLN Telecom has been working non-stop to exclusively provide small businesses all over the UK with a selection of first-rate ADSL and fibre broadband services. 

Take your business to the next level with superfast speeds of up to 76Mbps

Smaller companies with only a handful of employees who’re looking for a smooth ADSL connection will find XLN’s entry-level 17Mbps package with unlimited usage easily capable of carrying out all of the necessary bandwidth-light activities like sending and receiving emails, taking payments and making Skype video calls. 

Larger enterprises will be far better suited to the 38Mbps or 76Mbps package, both of which come with unlimited usage, depending on the exact type and volume of their workload.

The more employees you’ve got simultaneously using cloud services, sharing large files and holding VOIP conference calls for example, the bigger a package you’ll need.

Give your own customers access to a free public wi-fi network

XLN offer all of their broadband customers a free public wi-fi network for their business. 

Statistics show that customers are far more likely to return to a place which boasts this kind of high-quality connection and everything is activated remotely using your existing equipment, so you don’t have to spend ages waiting for engineer to arrive or pay any pricy call out fees.

Add an international call subscription and speak to customers in up to 72 countries

Each broadband subscription comes with a free wi-fi router and handy pay-as-you-go phone service but if that’s not enough a version of each one with unlimited calls included is available. 

There’s an option to add international calls to your subscription, either standard which gives you 500 minutes of call time to 36 different countries including China, Australia and the USA or premium which opens your line up to an additional 36 nations like South Africa, Thailand and Japan.

XLN also features a variety of great, affordable deals on gas and electric for your business. 

XLN Telecom highlights

  • Affordable business broadband at speeds of up to 76Mbps
  • Receive a free public wi-fi network 
  • Award-winning customer service
  • Extend your reach across 72 different countries with the international calls subscriptions
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