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BT Fibre Deals

  • Average speed of 67Mbps with BT Fibre 2
  • Stay Fast Guarantee or Receive £20 back
  • Powerful BT Smart Hub Included For Free 

Get fast, unlimited home broadband with BT Fibre

With BT Fibre, customers will see broadband speeds which are significantly faster and more reliable than standard ADSL. You'll also enjoy competitive prices and be able to bundle it with BT TV and phone services.

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BT Fibre broadband

There’s three tiers of superfast fibre broadband available from BT so you’re able to choose the best option for your requirements. Whether you’re big into online gaming, streaming music or bingeing the latest Netflix series, BT’s premium service makes an ideal choice for home broadband.

A superfast fibre-optic connection

BT’s entry-level fibre broadband deal is BT Fibre Essential which offers an average download speed of 36Mbps. It’s great for everyday browsing and those with a smaller number of connected devices who like to stream Netflix and catch-up TV.

Those who live in larger households will want to choose either BT Fibre 1 or BT Fibre 2. With average download speeds of 50Mbps and 67Mbps, you can ensure that everybody’s able to do what they love online without any interruptions.

Powerful, lightning-fast full fibre deals

BT’s future-proof full fibre plans can reach average download speeds of 100Mbps, 500Mbps and 900Mbps respectively. That’s up to 25 times faster than BT’s standard fibre offering.

These astonishing speeds are capable of handling just about anything. From all of the important tasks you need to accomplish whilst working from home and super-smooth 4K streaming to a variety of smart home technology like video doorbells.

Enjoy the speeds you pay for

Each BT deal has a Stay Fast Guarantee which says that if your speed drops below what’s been promised for 30 days, you’ll receive £20 back. You’ll also have the option to cancel your contract early without incurring any charges.

To help eliminate those irritating wifi black spots you can add BT Complete WiFi onto your deal. You’ll receive the premium Smart Hub 2 and a WiFi disc which work together to amplify the wifi signal all around your home. 

Secure online protection

Plenty of free security features are included in your BT subscription to help you and family stay safe online. There’s anti-spyware protection, a spam blocker, email anti-virus software and SiteAdvisor which lets you know if a site you’re about to visit contains anything harmful.

Can I get BT Fibre?

Millions of customers up and down the country are able to access BT’s Fibre services. These deals are also gradually becoming available to those in more rural, remote areas as the provider continues to expand their Openreach network.

The biggest downside of BT’s blazingly-fast full fibre service is it’s availability which is currently quite limited. Its rollout is also steadily making progress however with the provider saying that thousands of homes are being connected up every day. 

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