What is Sky VIP? | Information on Sky’s loyalty programme

Find out what you can get through the programme.

Sky VIP may not be widely known by all, but it absolutely should be. With brilliant benefits on offer for all customers, this is definitely one to sign up for.

Find out all the most important information about Sky VIP, including how to sign up, if it costs, how you can best benefit, and more.

What is Sky VIP?

Sky VIP is Sky’s loyalty program launched in 2017, rewarding customers for how long they’ve been with the company.

The programme is available to all customers, new and existing, and features varying tiers that offer better benefits for those who have been a customer for longer lengths of time. The higher the tier, the better the rewards.

Sky VIP measures the amount of time you’ve been a customer from when your service was first activated. In the case of leaving the service and then coming back, your time as a customer and subsequently your Sky VIP account will be reset to zero and will start again from your new activation date.

How do I activate Sky VIP?

To be eligible for Sky VIP, you must be a customer with an active Sky TV, Broadband (or Broadband and Talk), and/or Sky Mobile product/service.

Sky VIP can be accessed online, on your Sky box/glass/stream, or through the My Sky app on mobile and tablets and is free to download from the Apple or Google Play stores.

Online at Sky.com

Head to sky.com and sign in with your Sky ID. From there, head to My Account, select Rewards and Extras and activate it from there.

On your Sky box/glass/stream

Go to Setting > My Account > Sky VIP and follow the instructions on the screen.

My Sky app on mobile

Once the My Sky app is downloaded on your device and you’re signed up, simply select Sky VIP on the home screen and you’ll be set up.

What do I get with Sky VIP?

Once you have your Sky VIP account activated, your first benefit will be made available for you - a welcome gift in the form of one free movie from the Sky Cinema store!

Past that, you will receive rewards and be in with opportunities to enter into prize draws. The rewards available to you will depend on what tier level you are.

As of writing, Sky is running a Smart Home Insurance offer, where Sky VIPs can get Sky Protect Smart Home Insurance - which gains you a bundle of Smart Tech and Defaqto 5-star rated Home Insurance - and save £120 over 24 months.

Sky VIP lounges will also be available to you. These are exclusive lounges available at numerous arenas across the country. If you have a ticket for an event at one of the arenas that have a Sky VIP lounge, then you’ll also have an exclusive pass to the lounge. 

You’ll get to skip the queues and enter through the private entrance, as well as get your food and drinks in there instead of at the busy concession stalls.

What are the VIP levels at Sky?

There are four tier levels in total; Silver, Gold, Platinium, and Diamond.

Silver: 0 - 3 years

Silver is the initial tier that you will start on when you first join and for your first three years as a customer.

You will be able to enter into exclusive prize draws, as well as apply for free tickets to numerous special live events, such as Premier League football matches, hospitality at the F1 British Grand Prix, and even movie premieres and film screenings.

Gold: 3 - 8 years

At Gold level, you’ll get all the benefits of Silver, then some more on top. You’ll get Sky Go Extra for free (usually £5 a month), providing you with more entertainment.

Sky Go Extra lets you stream live and catch-up TV that you have as part of your service on your phone, tablet, laptop, or games console. You’ll also be able to download your favourite movies and TV shows via wifi so you can watch them anywhere with no need for a connection.

Platinium: 8 - 15 years

Once again taking everything from the previous tiers, Platinium brings you free Sky Fibre broadband and a free boost to your Sky Piggybank.

Sky Piggybank is essentially a storage bank where all your unused mobile data at the end of each month is kept for up to three years and can be used to cash in for even more rewards!

Diamond: 15+ years

The top level of Sky VIP is Diamond, for the most loyal customers of 15 years and over.

This top tier comes with everything from the other three tiers, as well as free Sky Q set-up and access to priority VIP technical support, offering you Sky’s premium entertainment product in Sky Q and the most reliable and efficient support services with priority VIP technical support.

How much does Sky VIP cost?

Sky VIP doesn’t cost you at all - no added or hidden fees to your monthly bill, you are simply enrolled the moment you become a Sky customer.

Is Sky VIP worth it?

Sky VIP is absolutely worth it considering what benefits you can and will receive all for free.

It is a simple loyalty reward programme designed to keep you on as a customer by offering rewards that appeal to all and providing some of their best services and products for free.

If you haven’t already, we recommend activating your Sky VIP account immediately so you can start reaping the benefits you may be missing out on.

What is the Sky VIP contact number?

If you want to talk to someone at Sky about any of your queries you may have or more personal information on how Sky VIP can benefit you, check out the Sky contact number guide on Digital TV and find the right phone number for what you would like.

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