Sky Broadband guide: Info, costs, and deals for each offering

Sky has numerous broadband offerings. Find out about each here.

Sky are more than just a TV provider - they have many services to offer, with one major service being broadband.

Sky Broadband is amongst the very best providers in the industry, with multiple offerings to choose from and availability up and down the nation.

With multiple different speeds to choose from (depending on what your area can handle), it can get a bit overwhelming to research them all yourself.

That’s where we come in, as we’ve made it easy for you to learn and understand what each package can get you with this handy Sky Broadband guide.

Important info on Sky Broadband

Sky uses full-fibre where they can with all of their packages. This means that you will get a fast and reliable connection with whichever package you have.

All packages come with unlimited usage, which means you can browse, stream, and game to your heart's content without ever worrying about reaching the broadband's capacity.

Each package is available on an 18-month contract and comes with line rental included at no extra cost. They also have a speed guarantee, where they promise that if your speeds drop below the speed that they told you when you got your broadband for at least three consecutive days in a 30-day period, you will get your money back for that month.

If you’re looking for a provider that will leave you the most satisfied, look no further than Sky. They boast the fewest number of complaints across all providers and also have high customer service satisfaction too.

Overall, Sky is one of the most reliable providers who offer a great and helpful service with brilliant speeds that are sure to keep you as a customer happy every day.

Sky Superfast 35

Sky Superfast 35 is the company’s entry-level full-fibre broadband, offering 36Mbps average speeds on an 18-month contract with no upfront cost.

The standard cost of the Superfast 35 broadband is £34.50 a month, which would come out to £414 for the first year and £621 for the total contract.

Sky Superfast

Superfast is next up, offering 61Mbps average speeds, once again on an 18-month contract with no upfront cost.

Superfast will cost you £34.50 a month, which is the same as Superfast 35. If you’re wondering why that is the case, this is because Superfast35 is available to every household that can accommodate Sky Broadband.

Not every household is capable of Sky Superfast, but for those that are, Sky want to offer the fastest speed available to every customer, hence why they keep the two at the same price.

Sky Ultrafast

When Sky Ultrafast was introduced, it promised download speeds of up to 12 times faster than their own standard broadband offering.

This meant and still does mean that Sky Ultrafast offers 145Mbps average speeds.

Given that Ultrafast provides such fast speeds, it is only available using full fibre. While all packages are capable of full fibre, Superfast 35 and Superfast are able to use one of Sky’s other fibre technologies if the premises it is required in cannot offer full fibre.

Sky Ultrafast, Ultrafast+ and Gigafast all require full fibre only to work, so these packages are slightly more of a premium currently in the UK as opposed to the more widely available Superfast 35 and Superfast.

Sky Ultrafast is available from £38 a month, coming out to £456 for a year and £684 for the entirety of the contract.

Sky Ultrafast+

Sky Ultrafast+ is a big step up from Ultrafast. Once again, it requires full fibre in the household so that it can provide 500Mbps average speeds.

Ultrafast+ was designed for the busiest households - you can stream TV in UHD, play video games, download anything and make video calls all at the same time and Sky Ultrafast+ is designed to handle it.

Sky Ultrafast+'s standard price is £48 a month, which makes it £576 a year and £864 for the 18-month contract.

Sky Gigafast

Sky Gigafast is the top-of-the-line of Sky’s broadband offering. Gigabit broadband is starting to be introduced by many of the top providers, and as full fibre continues to be introduced in more homes in the UK, Gigabit broadband will grow to become more standard.

Sky Gigafast boasts an incredible 900Mbps average speed but has the capability to reach 1Gbps.

The cost of Sky Gigafast each month is usually £58 (£696 a year, £1044 over 18 months).

Sky Broadband Boost

Some houses tend to have dead zones in certain rooms where the wifi connection cannot reach as well or at all, which can be a major issue.

To prevent this from happening, you can get certain devices from Sky that help to extend the range and keep a good signal strength throughout the house.

Sky Broadband Boost does just that and is available at an extra £5 a month. It also does more than boost your signal, providing benefits such as free engineer visits and regular routine checks of the router.

Sky WiFi Max

Another add-on you can get to make your wifi connection even better is Sky WiFi Max, which the company claims is its most powerful wifi package yet.

As described at skygroup.sky, what you get with the package is a “next-generation Max Hub, which uses WiFi 6 technology to provide reliable WiFi that travels faster and further than ever before.”

With Sky WiFi Max, you will get fast, reliable broadband on top of your main package. It also offers advanced security and you can also get up to three Max Pods, which also helps to extend the range by simply plugging into an open socket.

Sky Broadband package deals

The great thing about Sky and their many services is that they will bundle some of them together. 

If you have just moved into a new house and are looking to get your broadband and TV set up, then Sky may be your best bet.

With Sky Stream and Sky Glass being streaming-based TV services, you will need fast and reliable broadband to be able to operate either one. That’s why partnering one of the two (or both if you wanted) with Sky Broadband is a no-brainer!

Be sure to check out all the current Sky Broadband deals on available on Broadband Finder.

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