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Simple, reliable & straightforward broadband with second-to-none customer service.

What is Plusnet Broadband?

Plusnet is one of the UK’s leading providers, supplying customers with award-winning reliable broadband at a more than fair price.

With great customer service to go along with their strong broadband offerings, Plusnet often come out each year as one of the top providers across the board for what people look for from their broadband.

What network does Plusnet Broadband use?

Plusnet uses BT’s Openreach network to deliver their fantastic connection. This goes along with the fact that Plusnet’s parent company is BT, having been acquired by BT Group in 2007.

The Openreach network is the most widely used network in the UK, with many other top providers using it to deliver their service the same as Plusnet.

Is Plusnet Broadband any good?

Here are some of the highlights that make Plusnet so good:

  • Award-winning customer service – With 34 awards won in customer service alone since 1997, you can trust you’re in good hands with Plusnet
  • Reliable connection – Another one they won gold in, Plusnet were awarded the Most Reliable award in the Choose Broadband Awards 2023
  • Straightforward prices – Plusnet’s pricing rivals that of their competitors to deliver great value for money for their customers.

How much is Plusnet Broadband?

As mentioned above, Plusnet’s prices are fairly priced against their rivals. On Broadband Finder, you’ll find packages that range from £25.99 to £43.99.

We’re not saying they offer the cheapest broadband around, but for the service you receive, it is a lot of bang for your buck.

Plusnet Broadband packages

The following packages are the broadband-only packages we have on offer here on Broadband Finder. 

The following package prices are that of the standard price; however, there are often deals running so you will likely find these packages much cheaper here on our site or the Plusnet site.

Package Speed Price per month Upfront cost
Unlimited broadband & line rental 3Mbps (ADSL Broadband) £41.10 £0
SoGEA Fibre 70Mbps £30.98 £0
Full Fibre 74 74Mbps £30 £0
Full Fibre 145 145Mbps £35 £0
Full Fibre 300 300Mbps £45.76 £0
Full Fibre 500 500Mbps £47 £0
Full Fibre 900 900Mbps £62.92 £0

Note: Prices may change during your contract. Plusnet will give you adequate notice via your preferred contact method although usually by email about any pricing changes.

Prices correct as of 13/02/24.

Plusnet Broadband: Technical specs & installation

Plusnet’s two latest routers have a lot to offer, with both perfectly supplying the consumer's home with a reliable connection throughout. The two hubs are:

  • Plusnet Hub One
  • Plusnet Hub Two

Simple names, but complex technology to allow for great broadband.

The Hub One is for their fibre packages. It uses next-generation WiFi to deliver the fastest speeds possible. It features smart channel selection, putting any connected devices onto the fastest channel and frequency available, as well as four-gigabit Ethernet ports for up to four wired connections.

The Hub Two is the next step up, available for all full-fibre packages. The router is very similar to the Hub One, only with slightly better next-gen technology to allow for full-fibre broadband.


An Openreach engineer will be needed to visit your property if you purchase a full-fibre package but it doesn’t yet have a full-fibre box in the house.

In that case, they’ll sort out everything for you to get you online. The router will be sent in advance, and the engineer will install that and get you set up.

For standard fibre or if your home already has full fibre, an engineer won’t be needed. You simply need to plug in your hub and Plusnet will activate it remotely on a confirmed date.

As for charges, Plusnet has a price guide that breaks down the different costs you may be faced with. You can find that guide here.

How to contact Plusnet Broadband

The Plusnet Broadband customer support number to call is 0800 432 0200.

As noted multiple times throughout, Plusnet boasts award-winning customer service. This means that no matter the issue, you can easily speak to someone who can help sort out the problem.

Their customer service is available seven days a week from 8am to 8pm and have two UK-based call centres to help serve you.

Online they also have a Plusnet virtual assistant to help with more general issues as well as a help section where you can choose what help you need and 

Plusnet Broadband: Best bits

  • Award-winning provider
  • Unlimited fibre and full-fibre broadband
  • Fast and reliable connection
  • Straightforward pricing
  • Amazing customer service

Plusnet Broadband: What we think

These days you may find it hard to be able to speak directly to a provider’s customer service about any issues without hassle, so Plusnet making themselves so readily available to help is a breath of fresh air.

Plusnet are a simple, straightforward provider that puts the customers in mind, providing a service that includes all the things you want most from your provider without the extra frills.

While others provide good benefits and extras with their service to entice customers in, Plusnet is all about the main stuff, the things that you’re really after, and to us, that is what makes them so valuable.

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