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The various EE contact numbers you need for your queries.

Getting in touch with EE

Being able to speak to someone about a problem or query you have is very important, particularly with broadband. These days, you are pushed towards AI chatbots or FAQ pages when sometimes you just simply want to speak to someone.

And even if you do manage to find a phone number, oftentimes you’ll find it isn’t the right one and you won’t be able to get through to someone who can help you. And god forbid they put you on hold…

If you’re looking to get in contact with someone at EE for a query or problem, then you’ll find this guide very helpful as we bring you the relevant EE contact numbers for broadband, mobile, landline and TV.

How do I speak to EE customer service?

EE does have one universal number you can call with all the options to help you navigate that way - but only if you are already an EE customer. 

By calling 150 on an EE mobile, you will reach through to EE customer service automated system where you will be able to navigate through to the section you want to be in.

What is the customer service contact number?

The EE customer service team has three numbers for you to call depending on what you’re calling from.

If you’re phoning from an EE phone, you can use 150. If you’re using an EE Landline, it’s 0800 079 8586. And for another provider, it’s 0800 956 6000.

Can you call EE 24 hours a day?

Can you call EE 24 hours a day?

EE’s customer service is available Monday to Friday, 8am to 9pm, and Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 8pm. This is the same for all of the following numbers.

It is common for a network to not have 24-hour customer service as it is hugely expensive to offer such a service.

What is the EE contact number for new customers?

If you’re looking to join EE or want more details on their broadband packages available to you, the number to call is the same as the customer service team - 0800 956 6000.

What is the EE contact number to upgrade or add a product?

If you are already an EE customer and are looking to upgrade or add a product to your account, the number you want to call is 07953 966 150.

What is the EE contact number for technical support?

What is the EE contact number for technical support?

There are several categories for technical support depending on the product you are phoning about.

Mobile phone, mobile broadband & cyber security

The phone number for these three products are the same, so we’ve put them together for ease. It is also the same number to call for upgrading or adding a product. The number is 07953 966 150.

Broadband and landline & EE TV

Like above, the number to call for technical help with broadband and landline, as well as EE TV, is the same. The number is 0330 123 1105.

What is the phone number for EE upgrades?

If you’re looking to upgrade your phone, usually you can do so online or on the EE app. However, if you do want to talk to someone, using the free EE 150 contact number is the best option.

There is another number you can call though if not from an EE mobile, and that is 0800 956 6000.

What is the EE contact number for account and billing queries?

The numbers for account and billing queries are the same as the ones for technical support, as these two topics do have some similarities in looking for specific help.

Mobile phone, mobile broadband, home security & cyber security

For account and billing help regarding your mobile phone, mobile broadband, home security or cyber security, call 07953 966 150.

EE Broadband with landline & EE TV

For account and billing help regarding your broadband and landline or EE TV, phone 0330 123 1105.

What is the EE contact number for reporting a lost or stolen device?

If you’ve had an EE device stolen or simply lost it and don’t have device insurance, you can phone EE about the problem on 07953 966 150.

How do I make an EE call abroad?

If you’re phoning EE from abroad about any issues, the number to call is +44 (0)7953 966 150.

Is EE 150 a free number?

It is free to call EE on 150 if you are calling from an EE mobile or landline. You can also text 150 to quickly and easily access your account information and manage your account if you are unable to get online.

If you are not calling from an EE number or landline, you will not be able to use 150 and therefore should use the corresponding number provided in this guide.

How do I speak to EE about my bill?

How do I speak to EE about my bill?

You can call 150 from your EE device or 07953 966 250 from another phone if you want to speak to someone at EE about a recent bill.

Does EE charge for 0300 numbers?

You won’t incur any extra charges for phoning a 0300 number if you have an inclusive minutes plan.

If you don’t have inclusive minutes, you may be charged the standard rate, which is 35p per minute.

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